addons need Grammardute. All players can use/make addons. :D


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Addons is Free-use!


  • Kamikaze Belt = Blow up a large amount of troopers. -Bombers- -12G-
  • Obsidian Shield = Protects from an explosive or 100D. -ALL- -45G-
  • Peace Bomb = Stops damage for 10 turns. -Bombers- -50G-
  • Death Waffles = Rains giant waffles on all troopers underneath. -Plane- -20G-
  • Fruit Festival = Heals all non-machine troopers. -Planes- -64G-
  • Refined Armor = Gives +10 armor. -ALL- -3G-
  • Rainbow Poop = Lands in a random spot healing all nearby soldiers -ALL- 40G-
  • 1234 = makes 1 Aircraft, 2 Tanks, 3 Gunners and 4 soldiers vanish. -ALL- -37G-
  • Morale Overrun = Gives 500 Morale (Morale Mode Only) -Thieves- -85G-
  • Recharger = Recharges all Powers that you have. -General- -40G-
  • Brainwasher = Make a looter brainwash enemies. -Thieves- -500G-
  • Time bomb = revive dead soldiers. -Healers- -300G-
  • Lucky Day = Double attack damage for 5 turns. -ALL- -100G-
  • Doom Detection = Policemen Training makes them teach Soldiers how to target Thieves -Policemen- -50G-
  • Cloudy Night = stops soldiers from attacking for 20 turns. -Planes- -100G-
  • Slenderman scare = all enemy troopers near bunkers die -General- -160G-
  • Leaf Cover = makes a trooper unable to be hit unless a miner attacks it. -ALL- -300G-