Amitocs are little bugs found in places to catch and keep! add them to your army in a section called 'amitocs' to keep track of your collection!


This is the list of Amitocs.

Quagmire MarshEdit

  • Quagmire Leerslug - Common. Leerslug.
  • Transparent Sandilope - Uncommon. Sandilope.
  • Lucky Leerslug - Rare. Leerslug.
  • Wonky Leerslug - Super Rare. Leerslug.
  • Scary Sandilope - Ultra Rare. Sandilope.
  • Europian Welshpus - Legendary. Welshpus.


  • Sluggish Welshpus - Common. Welshpus.
  • Garden Sandilope. Common. Sansdilope.
  • Battling Venchanta. Rare. Venchanta.
  • Lucky Venchanta. Legendary. Venchanta.


  • Amitocs were originally going to be called snapxea.
  • Amitocs are 3.4 cms big.