Btd456Creeper is the commander of Btd456Creeper's Army. He has 760 total health without regenerating it using Harden. (See below) He also has armor made of gold and a robot also made of gold. He can detect Thieves in all stages.

The RobotEdit

The robot has 450 health. It also has several attacks. Each attack has a 5-turn recharge except for Exit Robot:

  • TNT Cannon: Chooses a soldier on the battlefield on opposing teams, then deals 50 damage to it. Also works on anything underground.
  • Dual Plasma Cannon: Fires 2 plasma balls at any enemy soldier. Each plasma ball deals 25 damage. Both plasma balls cannot attack the same soldier.
  • Doom Spawn: Creates 5 Gigawatt Cannon Soldiers that are already charged. They fire during the same turn.
  • Charge: Makes any ability except itself, Exit Robot, and Death Curse (see below) instantly recharge. Still takes 5 turns to recharge.
  • Exit Robot: Comes out of the robot. Goes to the The Armor stage until it reenters the robot. Cannot use any of the robot's attacks outside of the robot, but can use the armor's attacks.
  • Death Curse: When the robot gets destroyed, anything that attacked it that isn't dead will take 150 damage.

If all of the robot's attacks are charging, it does nothing for the turn.

The ArmorEdit

After destroying the robot, I survived the explosion, as well as my technogically modified gold armor.

Anyways, the armor has 300 health. It has a few attacks: (all of the attacks take 3 turns to recharge)

  • Harden: Restores 50 health. Can go over 300. Also, permanently takes 1 less damage from all attacks, PER use.
  • Insane Cannon: Deals 150 damage to up to 25 soldiers! It can't aim, though, so it destroys random soldiers, but always attacks in front of it, never behind it. Can hit Btd456Creeper's soldiers.
  • Missile Cannon: Fires 5 homing missiles. They home in on the closes enemy soldiers and deal 50 damage to them. Hits flying targets if there are no ground enemies.
  • Chaos Storm: When the armor gets destroyed, 5 of everybody's soldiers will randomly get destroyed every turn (including the turn that the armor was destroyed) until Btd456Creeper gets killed. Affects Btd456Creeper's army, but not Btd456Creeper himself.


Btd456Creeper has only 10 health...but uses a magical wall to reduce 141 damage from everything. (So if you use an instant kill, he'll still have 1 health) He has one attack:

  • FINAL REVENGE: Upon death, Chaos Storm wears off...but then, 25 soldiers from all other teams randomly die. Then, they join Btd456Creeper's army. Also, this (loops) becomes the BGM for 10 turns. (Mobile link to BGM)


Btd456Creeper is immune to explosives, fire, and lightning. It also absorbs these so they don't hit anyone. His next attack has double power, triple if absorbs 2 different thing, and 5x if it absorbs all 3! The only exception is that it can't absorb instant kills in its last form.