The Doom Zeppelin is a deadly blimp. It has 151 health. It has various attacks and costs 1,000 Morale.

  • Whirlwind Cannon: Fires seeking whirlwinds out of its thrusters. Each one sucks in a random unit on the battlefield every turn, dealing 150D. (However, it WILL attack itself in this way)
  • Missile Stream: Fires a stream of 10 missiles at a soldier. Each missile deals 10D.
  • MOAR Zeppelins: Spawns 4 mini versions of itself with the same attacks, but dealing 1/4th of their normal damage. They can also use this attack, creating mini-minis 1/16th of the Doom Zeppelin's attack's damage. The minis can use this, but the mini-minis can't.
  • Rider Storm: Upon death, spawns 21 Warriors.
  • Come In: Any 5 soldiers can enter the Doom Zeppelin, safe until it gets destroyed. It can also fly low to let land/water soldiers in.