This is an alternate choice for the Supernova Flashbang.

Flashbang Mortar
Flashbang mortar
Alternate SF

Created by:



None (with mortar) 1D (with Lowroll-M6)



Firing Rate:

Fast (with mortar) Normal (with Lowroll-M6)


Fires Flashbangs at dark and fog.


When deployed, it will start firing Flashbangs at dark and foggy areas. It will take some time for him to clear the screen, but when he does, if any other fog or darkness starts appearing, he will fire a Flashbang at it to get rid of it. At 5D left, the mortar will explode, doing the effects of a Supernova Flashbang to its team in a medium-sized area. After it has recovered from those effects, it will take out a Lowroll-M6 and start firing.

Benefits compared to Supernova FlashbangEdit

  • Lower cost
  • More health
  • Elininates the problem of new sources

Weaknesses compared to Supernova FlashbangEdit

  • Takes time to clear
  • Does not add the additional SF effects
  • When halfway dead, it stuns the team in a medium area