KittahConallFS is an amazing soldier with many attacks. 


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Depends on attack

Firing Rate:


Morale Cost:



He has a few phases:

Robot MechEdit

He has a robot. It absorbs 300D, or 2IK. It has a few attacks:

  • Mega-Scratch-Does 5D to a nearby enemy.
  • Bow Attack-Shoots a missle arrow that does 4D.
  • Jetpack Assult-Flies to an enemy, then punches him, dealing 6D. 3 turncooldown.
  • I HATE BTD-Deals 75D to all of Btd456Creeper's soldiers. 2 turn cooldown.
  • KITTAH SWORD-Uses a sword that does 8D to all enemy soldiers in a small area.
  • EXPLODE-When he absorbs 300D


He escapes the explosion and puts on armor. Every 75D, he loses a random peice. After 300D, or 2IK, he goes to the next phase. He has a different moveset:

  • Scratch-Scratches an enemy, dealing 8D.
  • Enchanted Bow-Shoots an enemy with an Enchanted Bow, dealing 10D.
  • Fart-Farts, dealing 1IK to all enemies in a medium area. 3 turn cooldown.
  • Beans-Makes the next Fart do 3IK. 15 turn cooldown.
  • Kittah Sword-Hits a closeby enemy with the Kitty Sword, dealing 12D. 2 turn cooldown.
  • BTD Poisen-Poisens a random soldier on Btd456Creeper's team, dealing 2D every second to it.
  • KILL BTD-Does 1IK to all soldiers on Btd456Creeper's team. 5 turn cooldown.

Last StandEdit

He has 20D. He will shoot a bow that does 2D per shot. He hides behind other soldiers. He has one attack:

  • BEAN DIP ATOMIC FART-Once he dies, he will release one last fart that does 75D to all enemy soldiers on the screen. It does 24IK to all of Btd456Creeper's soldiers.