The Reviver resurrects dead soldiers. It has 5 health and costs 25 Morale. In Morale Mode, it costs half of a soldier's Morale times the amount of times the soldier has been revived, including the current time. It can only revive one soldier at once.


Reverse EpidemicEdit

Allows the Reviver to revive up to 5 soldiers at once. This costs half of the total cost in Morale of all the soldiers revived. Only lasts for 1 turn. The Power can only affect 1 Reviver. Cannot be combined with Free Resurrections.

Free ResurrectionsEdit

Resurrected soldiers don't cost any Morale. Only in Morale Mode. This lasts 3 turns and cannot be combined with Reverse Epidemic. This Power can only affect 1 Reviver at a time. Costs 25 Morale.