The slasher is a powerful superweapon, a grounded massive laser cannon that fires at a slow rate but gets more and more powerful until overcharge is enabled or it can keep gaining power.

It can eather short bursts of it's beam in a more concentrated way or it can be a constant beam that is weaker.

Once it has fired enough it can use overcharge, the entire power it has gained will be used and it will be reset but it be able to seemingly decimate anything in it's path for a short amount of time, although you can instead leave it to power up and overcharge will scale up with it.



Damage: low, Rate of fire: Near constant, Splash: No


Damage: High, Rate of fire: SLOW, Splash: Yes,


Health: MASSIVE Cost: VERY MASSIVE Build time: Very slow

Note that the "Constant" and "Burst" sections in the infobox are before firing