The Village is a place to hang out with your allies or enemies :D. Each store in the village is 200 health.

Stores/Places of Intrest

Crazy Repeater's Shop

Fountain of Life (reheals some of your soldiers)

Peashot's Clothing (buy clothing for your soldiers)

Peashot's Burgers and more (buy food for your soldiers)

The Lake of Lokes (find Lokes to put in your garden)

Random Stuff in Village War

Epic Cannon-(To launch at The Skyward Castle) does 100 damage. Reload is 10 rounds

Mega Cannon-(To launch at The Skyward Castle) does 50 damage. Reload is 5 rounds

Normal Cannon-(To launch at The Skyward Castle) does 10 damage. Reload is 2 rounds.


The RwT Mansion

Spongebob's Pineapple

CwW's House

SwP's House

DwC's House

BwW's House

Orbital Face Palm

10 tokens to build a house

Types of houses:

Mansion: Very big, holds 10 rooms: 50 tokens

Face Palm: Big, holds 7 rooms: 35 tokens

House: Medium, holds 5 rooms, 10 tokens

Shack: Small, holds 2 rooms, 5 tokens.


Peashot is a reference to Rx2MikeyWIKIA.