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This wiki is meant to be a creative place to battle. Create powerful things and battle on the forums!

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On this wiki, you can build pages about your minions, soldiers, vehicles, and weapons, then battle with friends and foes on the forums! OP pages will be deleted, as you could possibly win a ton of battles with them.

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Average Damage: 1-2

Average Health: 5

Average Attack Speed: Medium

Average Boss Health-200-500

Average Boss Damage: 2-5


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  • edit The Mites
    edited by Mew The Creator diff
    Summary: Buffed tower, added more info.
  • edit Chlorophyll Cannon
    edited by Mew The Creator diff
    Summary: Buffed tower.
  • new page Chlorophyll Cannon
    created by Mew The Creator
    New page: The Chlorophyll Cannon is a powerful plant that fires a deadly ray of sunlight after full charge (30 seconds.) InfoEdit Chlorophyll Cannon ...
    Added photo:
  • new page P-56 Patrol Boat.
    created by GreenishCheese
    New page: A small Naval craft that escorts larger ships and blows crap up while doing so. Notes:I dont know if there is a set "Battle System" or whatever.So I...
    Added photos:


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